For a healthy living, we need a healthy environment. To have access to the best ingredients it is important to take care of nature and its resources.

  • Waste reduction: one of the important benefits of frozen products is that you can use just the amount you need and not throw away anything. In addition, these products are often ready peeled / cut and require a shorter cooking time.
  • Our species of fish come from sources that support sustainable fishing.
  • The aquaculture fish comes from farms that replicate the natural environment of the species.
  • To ensure a long-term and steady supply of vegetables, we keep in mind the balance that should exist between their production and environmental responsibility. We must take care not to take what we cannot replace.
  • In designing the modern logistics complex Edenia Distribution Center in Campia Turzii, we have taken into account the environmental impact. High quality insulation, efficient refrigeration equipment and reuse of residual heat guarantee maximum energy savings in operating the warehouse and a low carbon footprint. Up to 40% of the energy is supplied by a nearby solar park.
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