We choose carefully the ingredients that go into our products, from the most renowned regions, to make sure that we offer our consumers only what’s best. The ingredients go through a strict selection process and only those that meet our high standards of quality reach the next stage.

  • Edenia vegetables come from areas well known for the soil fertility and favorable climate. Immediately after harvest, they are washed, sorted and tested for microbiological, chemical, sensory (color, taste, texture), and nutritional properties (vitamins, minerals). They are then quickly frozen to keep their nutritional value and freshness.
  • Edenia Ready meals are made from high quality ingredients and have a higher content of meat, be it chicken (whole muscle) or fish (whole fillet).
  • The species we choose for the fish category are of superior quality (Atlantic Cod – the true species of cod fish, famous worldwide; Merluccius Capensis – the best species for hake fish fillets, etc.), and they also have an important nutritional value (salmon, trout, mackerel, cod).
  • The main ingredients that are found in La Strada sorbets and ice cream come from the most famous regions for their high quality. We use the purest Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, the best mango from India, the most intense pistachios from California, the famous Williams pears from Lion, etc.

We select our suppliers based on their performance, because we want safe products, tested and certified, that meet the quality and food safety requirements. We work only with reputable suppliers on the European and international market that are audited and approved according to our standards. Their strict selection ensures a high level of protection for our consumers.


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