16 Nov 2022

Food & Glory brings Fine Dine. In.

We know that you often want to impress your loved ones with a special meal, cooked by you at home. You want that "something good to eat" that will bring you all the praise, even if you don't have enough time or skill. How would it be to be able to offer them a dish that looks like it came out of the hand of the best chef, after spending hours in the kitchen? That means food like at premium restaurants, in the comfort of your home. Hassle free. Just Fine Dine. In.

02 Nov 2022

Discover La Strada desserts

The elegance and refinement of the La Strada brand conquer not only the cold season, but also every home, every oven and every taster! The desserts in this range are created with the highest quality ingredients to bring an intense taste experience right to your home. Simple to prepare, simple to fall in love with them!

03 Oct 2022

The Romania For Gold by Edenia platform

Romania For Gold is an Edenia project about the importance of nutrition in sport and in life, which was born after signing a four-year partnership with the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee. In this way, Edenia entered the Olympic Family and started with the Romanian athletes on a journey towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

03 Oct 2022

Macromex, partner of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR)

The Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, the Team Romania Olympic Team, is happy to announce that, as of today, it has a new member in the Olympic Family: Macromex, through the Edenia brand.

03 Oct 2022

Macromex takes over the distribution of Häagen Dazs ice cream

Macromex, one of the largest players in the Romanian food industry, will take over, starting in February, the distribution of Häagen Dazs ice cream. So far, the American ice cream brand has been distributed by Maresi Foodbroker.

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