The Romania For Gold by Edenia platform

Romania For Gold is an Edenia project about the importance of nutrition in sport and in life, which was born after signing a four-year partnership with the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee. In this way, Edenia entered the Olympic Family and started with the Romanian athletes on a journey towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Sports platform Romania for Gold


Romania for Gold has been talking since 2019 about the intrinsic connection between nutrition and food healthy and performance. In the more than 10 years of experience, Edenia, a brand with innovation in its DNA, has constantly enriched the portfolio with products designed to provide balanced nutrition, necessary to achieve performance both in sports and in life.

Through authentic dishes, brought directly from their countries of origin and vegetables and fruits kept fresh from harvest and to the plate thanks to the quick freezing process that preserves the nutritional qualities, Edenia creates the perfect balance between nutrition and a powerful physical activity.


To cement the investment in this direction, Edenia, a brand owned by the Macromex company, entered last year in the Olympic Family by signing a four-year partnership with the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee.

From now on, all Team Romania athletes training at the "Sydney 2000" Olympic Complex from Izvorani benefits from Edenia products and an energy boost from nutritious, tasty, balanced food nutritionally and above all healthy.

"We know that performance sport means excellence. Whether it's physical, technical, tactical or psychological training. But something more is needed: that behind-the-scenes ingredient essential for the proper functioning of any athlete's body - like a fuel that influences the performance of an engine - namely, nutrition," said Albert Davidoglu, CEO of Macromex.


And things don't stop there. David Popovici and Robert Glința, spearheads of Romanian swimming, are the protagonists of the Romania for Gold fueled by Edenia campaigns from 2021 and 2022, which talk about the importance nutrition in sports and in life.

David Popovici, known and applauded by the whole world after the multiple successes achieved this year, is world and European champion in 2022 in 100 meters and 200 meters freestyle. David also became the most young world champion in the men's 200m freestyle and one of the youngest men's world champions from the history of swimming. He holds the senior and junior world records in the 100m freestyle, as well as the world juniors, 200 m freestyle.

Robert Glința is also a champion of Romania. He is the European winner in the 100m backstroke, holder of 8th place in the 2021 Olympic 100m backstroke final and represents the image of Romania for Gold still since 2019. Robert Glința has so far collected no less than 8 medals at the European and World Championships swimming, for seniors. Budapest is the place where the Romanian athlete won the senior gold medal in the long pool, at the 2020 European Championships, in the 100 meters backstroke.

Edenia products are the source of inspiration for David and Robert who use the kitchen to cook together, to learn new things about nutrition.