Freezing is the best way to preserve the products, because it naturally keeps their properties intact.

The so-called “fresh” vegetables that we find in the market or in shops were harvested, sorted, transported, and stored, all within at least a day. This time is enough for them to lose at least 45% of their nutritional content.

s1Edenia vegetables are picked at maturity and it takes only a few hours until they reach the freezing line. No salt or other preservatives is added to them. They just pass through a powerful steam jet, then they are frozen. That is why, for Edenia vegetables, freezing means naturalness. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) confirms since 1998 that frozen vegetables have almost the same amount of vitamins and nutrients like freshly picked vegetables.

The same happens with fish, especially the ocean fish species that come from farther regions and undergo a longer time until they reach the consumer.


s2To keep it fresh, the freezing of Edenia fish is done even on the same day they it is caught, mostly on the boat. Consequently the fish retains its properties. In addition, the freezing process leads to the quick stop of all microbiological activities that damage the product. The thin layer of ice that covers the fish fillets, called glaze, protects them and maintains their texture.
Besides keeping their freshness and nutrients, the frozen products have many more important benefits: they are available in every season and they require a shorter cooking time, being already prepared for cooking. In addition, you can use the exact amount you need, thus eliminating product waste and saving money.




We’ve undertook the role to educate the market regarding the frozen products and their benefits.

The packaging of our products provide the consumers with all necessary information, accurate and complete. We teach consumers to read carefully information such as the species of fish or the amount of glazing, the ingredients used in a product and their percentage, the nutritional values, the origin of the product.

A correct and complete information is in the benefit of the consumers:

  • they understand the benefits of frozen products
  • they can make a real comparisons between similar products
  • they can make a correct evaluation of the quality-price ratio
  • they can choose what it’s fit for their needs



We offer a wide range of products, suitable for a balanced diet, covering several food categories. Our consumers can have at any moment of the day and in each season of the year, a wide selection of:

  • vegetables (Edenia, Farm Frites)
  • fish (Edenia, Azuris)
  • dairy (Akadia, Philadelphia, Oldenburger, Milram)
  • meat (Edenia, Casa Gruia)
  • ready meals (Edenia, Casa Gruia)
  • bakery and pastry products (Edenia, La Lorraine)
  • desserts (La Lorraine, Dr. Oetker)
  • ice cream (Corso, La Strada, Snickers)

A diverse menu, suitable for all the day’s meals, that supports a healthy living.

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For a healthy living, we need a healthy environment. To have access to the best ingredients it is important to take care of nature and its resources.

  • Waste reduction: one of the important benefits of frozen products is that you can use just the amount you need and not throw away anything. In addition, these products are often ready peeled / cut and require a shorter cooking time.
  • Our species of fish come from sources that support sustainable fishing.
  • The aquaculture fish comes from farms that replicate the natural environment of the species.
  • To ensure a long-term and steady supply of vegetables, we keep in mind the balance that should exist between their production and environmental responsibility. We must take care not to take what we cannot replace.
  • In designing the modern logistics complex Edenia Distribution Center in Campia Turzii, we have taken into account the environmental impact. High quality insulation, efficient refrigeration equipment and reuse of residual heat guarantee maximum energy savings in operating the warehouse and a low carbon footprint. Up to 40% of the energy is supplied by a nearby solar park.

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