Our vast knowledge in the field, our control over the resources and our flexibility allow us to react quickly to market’s opportunities. We constantly invest in research, anticipating trends and introducing new product categories in this market.

For the Edenia brand we developed the most diverse range of frozen products, prepared according to original recipes and with ingredients of the highest quality. It is the brand that covers most categories in this segment: vegetables, fish and seafood, ready meals (meat, fish, ethnic food), pizza, smoothies, dough and meat specialties.

Corso is the new generation’s ice cream, famous for its original flavors and the craziest combinations that constantly surprise its fans.

La Strada ice cream and sorbets stand out through sophistication and an impressive collection of authentic flavors and ingredients.


Each brand in Macromex’s portfolio was designed completely different from the industry’s classical standards and patterns. Through the way we positioned our brands, created their image and planned their communication campaigns we have demonstrated that originality can achieve new levels and inspire consumers to new experiences.

Through the La Strada brand, we brought fashion into the ice cream industry, by launching the first prêt-à-porter ice cream in the world. It is the brand that best defines the trend setter position that we’ve assumed. By the way it looks, tastes and communicates, La Strada is different from any other ice cream brand, a unique combination of sophistication and boldness.

Edenia is the brand that took the frozen food category to the next level. We have the widest range of frozen products of the highest quality. Today Edenia is the leader in all categories in which it activates, changing consumers’ habits and giving them a fresh look towards frozen food.

We launched the coolest ice cream of the new generation Corso – a pop-brand that through a special, innovative communication has become the most beloved ice cream in Romania, in a very short time


The factories that produce our products are using the latest technologies in the field and the most advanced production techniques. After leaving the production line, it is very important that these products reach the consumers quickly, and in perfect temperature conditions. From production time to the moment of consumption the cold chain should never be broken.

We built in Campia Turzii the most advanced warehouse in Romania for controlled temperature products. Due to the state of the art technology, Edenia Distribution Center operates with great efficiency and minimum energy consumption. This complex includes the highest High-Bay warehouse for frozen products in Europe, completely automated.

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